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朱鴻洲/ Chu, Hung-Chou中國醫藥大學通識教育中心副教授

Center for General Education, China Medical University, Associate Professor








Although Marivaux’s plays are considered as classical  styles in form because they  follow the rules of thethree unitsproposed  fordrama since  the  seventeenth century,  recently  many  researchers  have  pointed  out  his  innovations  in  the  art  of drama.  This  article  summarizes  these relative comments.  Among  these  analyses about  the  innovations  and characteristicsof  Marivaux’s  plays,  obviously,the marivaudage  is  the most   mentioned as  the  originality  of  this  theater.But anotherissue,important to us, is relativelylessstudied than the marivaudage in this theater:humor.Indeed, by humor, the theater of Marivaux differs not only from the dramatic works of its era, but also from the whole of the French comedy. Therefore,this studyaims  to  analyze  the  representation  of  humor  in  Marivaux’s play. More precisely, the object of this analysis is limited to the humor of Arlequin.The reason is  that the naivetyof  this  character  is  an  essential  factor  to  show  the  multiple characteristics of humor. In terms of research methods, weendeavor to distinguish theoretically humor from other kindsof comic discourse.In addition, this studywill divide the humor of Arlequin into three categories. The first is about the  humor in hisstupid  words. The  second  concerns the  humor created by  Arlequin in different situations. Finally,  his  truth  and  philosophical  humor  will  be  the  theme  of  our analysis. Thus, through this article, we try to show, ascompletely aspossible, the diversity of Arlequin's humor.In this way,we also hope to demonstrate, in a concrete way, the innovation and originalityofthis theatre.


Marivaux, comedy, Arlequin, humor, naivety




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