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【摘要】 本文以語料庫研究探討西語中表達價格變動的隱喻用法,並將其研究結果呈現於此。具體而言,我們以「概念隱喻理論」(Conceptual Metaphor Theory)中的空間定向分析方位隱喻法。為達研究目的,我們使用具代表性與規模的現代西班牙語語料庫(CREA),該語料庫是由西班牙皇家學院(Real Academia Española)所建置。研究結果表示,依照空間定向,價格變動多以三種方位隱喻法呈現:上下、伸縮與動靜走向,也驗證了語言資源對隱喻的產生是有關聯的。本研究最終將針對在商用課程中納入西語方位隱喻法提出一些教學建議。 【關鍵詞】 基於語料庫的研究、論述分析、商業論述、隱喻、商業西語 【Abstract】 In this article we expose the results of a corpus-based research aimed at identifying the metaphorical expressions used in Spanish to express price variation. More specifically, we analyzed the orientational metaphor based on spatial orientations as described by the Conceptual Metaphor Theory. In order to accomplish our research goals, the CREA corpus created by the Real Academia Española has been used due to its representativeness and scale. The results show that price variation is expressed mainly through three types of orientational metaphors which are based on spatial orientations: up-down; expansion-contraction; and motion-stillness. Linguistic resources for the creation of metaphors have also been identified. The research concludes with some teaching recommendations for the inclusion of orientational metaphors in Spanish for Business curriculum. 【Keywords】 corpus-based study, discourse analysis, business discourse, metaphor, Spanish for Business

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